A whimsical space behind an enchanting bubble tea shoppe.  Fine dining and craft cocktails 


Imagine a place where age knows no bounds and a cozy atmosphere meets great food and drinks - that's 222! This hidden gem nestled in the back of Mochi Dolci on 222 West 79 Street in New York is more than just a mere watering hole. It's the brainchild of an ambitious visionary named Aoommie who dared to dream of something more. With a little help from her husband Leo, a secret door was installed behind a pink telephone booth, and voila, a new star was born!


Step into another world at 222. Indulge in a fusion of Asian and American cuisine handcrafted to perfection and share a secluded dining experience like no other in the charming, Victorian-style speakeasy setting. Let the atmosphere transport you to a place where innovation and tradition merge to create exquisite small plates and entrees that will tantalize your taste buds.


Thai Food

Thai Cuisine!

Experience the essence of Thai cuisine at our restaurant, where every dish is an authentic creation made on the premises. Thai cuisine engages all taste buds—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami—with masterful balance. Indulge in classics like Thai fried chicken or grilled skewers, pork dishes with basil and red curries. Our Tom Yum Soup bursts with lemongrass and kaffir lime, offering a citrusy punch, while Mango Sticky Rice provides a sweet, creamy finish. Each bite transports you to Thailand, crafted from fresh, local ingredients to ensure a genuine and exhilarating dining experience.



in Thai: "Kanom Jeeb Neung"

At the 222 Speakeasy, our handmade dumplings are a tribute to Thailand's rich culinary heritage. Each dumpling is meticulously crafted on-site, showcasing a range of Thai-inspired fillings from spicy basil chicken to pork and chives. Reflecting the diverse Thai palate, these dumplings are golden fried or pan-fried and steamed. We use delicate wrappers that perfectly encase the vibrant, aromatic ingredients within. Our guests delight in these flavorful bites, which are not just a meal but a journey through the heart of Thai cuisine right here in our kitchen.

Bao Bun

Bao Buns

Bao buns are a delightful culinary treasure from Chinese cuisine, featuring soft, pillowy steamed bread enveloping a variety of savory or sweet fillings. These versatile buns are known for their light texture and can be stuffed with anything from braised pork to sweet red bean paste.


Joelle Gargiullo

"There is a new spot on the upper west side that combines Italian and Asian Culture in every sip and bite..."

Journalist, NBC Live



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